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Mayford painting of Comely Bank, the home of Paul and Jean Harris. Click to enlarge.

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Comely Bank (left) The home of Paul and Jean Harris is a priceless historic place.


Far more than place, it is where Paul Harris healed wounded spirits, planted "Friendship Trees," and loved the woman who supported him, and the Rotary ideal for four decades.

The gift of "Rotary" to this world happened largely at this home, with the genius of Rotary's founder, Paul P. Harris.


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The Rotary Heritage and History International Fellowship of Rotarians (RHHIF) was approved by the 1987-88 Board of Rotary International. The fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy and procedures, but the fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. The object of the fellowship is to advocate for and coordinate the collection and preservation of memorabilia related to the heritage and history of Rotary International.





Rotary Heritage and History International Fellowship Founder

Norman F. Kloker

December 25, 1917 - May 8, 2014

Norm Kloker

Norman F. "Norm" Kloker died May 8, 2014, at the age of 96.  He was 1985-86 President of Rotary One Chicago; 1989-90 Governor of District 6450; Chairman of RI's 75th Anniversary Convention Landmark committee; Co-Founder, Past President, and Life Director of the Paul Harris 711 Club; Past Director of the Paul Harris Memorial Committee; and Founder of the Rotary Heritage and History International Fellowship of Rotarians.  That fellowship was approved by the RI Board in 1988.


Today Norm's daughter, Christina Kloker Young (Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club), is in her third year as chair of the Heritage and History Fellowship.  Norm was inducted into the Rotary Heritage and History Hall of Fame on the 60th anniversary of his Rotary membership.


In 2012, 71 years after joining Rotary, Norm was honored by Blue Ridge Mountains Rotary Club of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Norm spent his final 19 years.

Rotary International President Ron D. Burton established a Donor Advised Fund to restore and maintain the suburban Chicago home of Paul and Jean Harris.  About sixteen years ago it was Heritage and History Fellowship Chairman Norm Kloker who set the ball in motion to track down current owners of the Harris Home and see if it could be returned to Rotary use when they were ready to relocate.  


The Heritage and History Fellowship accomplished Norm's goal on the eve of RI's Centennial Convention in 2005, thereby making the home ready for a ribbon cutting ceremony by then RI President Glenn Estess attended by Past and Future RI Presidents Ron Burton, Bill Boyd, Frank Devlyn and Luis Giay.


Through Ron Burton's Donor Advised Fund the Harris Home will again be used for Rotary leadership meetings and socials like those Paul Harris hosted for many years.     


Christina Kloker Young

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